Children & Adults Taught Since 2007!

RAPS 2017 State of the Union address:

  • 2440 Total swimmers taught since 2007
  • 273 new students that completed the entire week – This number represents 78.2% of hose that signed up, which is a huge increase of 21.6% over last year!
  • 104 Volunteer hours given to the program
  • 29 Incredible Donors that allows us to offer this program – THANK YOU!!!!!!
  • 14 adults learned to swim this summer – the most adults we’ve ever had
  • 12 returnee students
  • 12 bathing suits given away
  • 10 Really Awesome Instructors
  • 6 years at Timberlake Community Association Windsor Oaks Pool
  • 3 Really Cool Lifeguards
  • 3 towels given away
  • 3 Wonderful staff that helped me keep the pool clean all summer
  • 3 Groups that cancelled at the last minute and we still taught more swimmers than last year
  • 2 SwimNerds that visited the program and jumped right in to help
  • 1 REALLY Awesome Lucy
  • 1 WONDERFUL Timberlake Community Association that donates pool time to the program and forgives me when I do wrong. We couldn’t do this without you
  • 0 days lost due to weather because God doesn’t let it rain until after 12:15


Thank you for a great 2017 season!  Please spread the word about our program. We are able to accommodate groups up to 40 swimmers along with individuals.  Registration for 2018 has begun so please give us a call at 757.420.9523 to learn more about the program.

RAPS™ swim program offers American Red Cross swim lessons and organized play to minority and disadvantaged children between the ages of 5 - 18.

What is RAPS?

RAPS Mission Statement

The purpose of the Really Awesome People Swimming program is to provide swim lessons to as many minorities as possible in order to keep them safe while in, on, or around the water, which in turn, will help lower the drowning rates among minorities. This includes teaching swimming and safety skills, along with building swimmers confidence to those who participate in the RAPS program free of charge. It is also the mission of the RAPS program to educate the general public as to high rate of drowning among minorities and make the change where no child is left out of learning to swim due to race, economic levels, or lack of pool facilities.

At RAPS, “CAN’T” is a cuss word!

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) lists drowning as the second leading cause of death in children aged 1 - 14. All children should have the opportunity to learn how to swim no matter of their socioeconomic status.


Thank you to our Supporters

It takes a lot of help from volunteers and community partners to keep the Really Awesome People Swimming Program successfully teaching minority children from all over Hampton Roads how to swim. We are extremely grateful for all of our volunteers, sponsors and community partners.

Lynnhaven United Methodist Church

Two Anonymous Angels

Mark & Ellen Manion